Online Security

How To Stay Safe Online

Online security is constantly in the news, with one household brand or another falling victim to hackers, losing customers private data and personal information.

The scale of the problem can’t be underestimated, with cyber attacks coming thick and fast aimed not only at consumers directly via phishing emails, but also with companies seeing more an more concerted attacks on their servers and data centres.

Cyber attacks and hacking is an age old problem, with many web designers facing the onslaught as CMS systems that give ready access for their customers, also create a weak point of vulnerability for hackers to plant malware, viruses, trojans etc. inside their website code.

As online selling has increased year on year, and more and more people buy goods and services online, their data has grown in value.

Mining that data has a value that makes it worth the trouble and effort to gain access to it.

Phishing is the most common way to get access to bank accounts, shopping portals, website log ins etc. You typically receive an email warning you of an issue with your account, you are then told to click a link to log in to resolve the problem.

Clicking the link takes you to a site page that looks like the real site, but is in fact a fake site designed just to capture your log in details without you realising.

Once you enter your details into the fake site, the hackers will take your details to the real site, log in pretending to be you and transfer your money out of your account.

It’s important to be vigilant and aware of what you are doing online and to only click on links that you trust, (like bookmarks on your pc for example) and not to click on links sent to you, however real they may look.

Business Server Security

One of the most common hacks that businesses face n a regular basis are Denial of Service Attacks (DDOS). Hackers bombard servers with bot or hijacked web browser attacks, pushing the server over capacity and bringing it down.

Many top end data centre companies including Bluechip provide DDOS Scrubbing services which monitor and control attacks, diverting real users around the issue, showing them your content, while filtering out the attack traffic in real time.

Good quality website hosting for WordPress from specialists Deeho can protect you and your business from unnecessary security issues by implementing monitoring protocols that will keep you online and in business.